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606 S. Rio Grande, Ste. B
Aztec, New Mexico 87410
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Dr. Katherine Andersen, D.O.M.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a New Mexico licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Katherine studied for three years at the Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her course of study included an internship in Beijing, China in 1989, the last two weeks of which were tragically cut short due to the Tiananman Square Massacre. Dr. Andersen first began her practice in Durango, Colorado all the while homing into the location where she could be of most service to as many people as possible. That location was Aztec, New Mexico, where she has had her office open to patients since 1992.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Katherine has successfully treated

  • carpel tunnel syndrome,
  • Bell's Palsy,
  • sciatica,
  • sinus problems,
  • pre-menstrual syndrome,
  • arthritis,
  • neck and back pain,
  • and migraine headaches to name a few.

She also can help with

  • fertility issues,
  • morning sickness,
  • anxiety and depression
  • acupuncture may help with mesothelioma and other cancer diagnoses. (see this link)

Over the course of her career she has studied continuously to add to her quiver of healing modalities. She is a certified Archetype Consultant under Caroline Myss' CMED program, a longtime student of Chinese herbology and has studied Tui Na, a deep tissue massage modality.

Dr. Katherine is especially excited about her recent training in the ancient Oriental art of face reading under Lillian Bridges. She believes this study of the history written on our faces can aid in her diagnoses and patient assessments like no other study.


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